Therapy can be a very beneficial process. Having a space to check in with your thoughts and feelings, accompanied by someone trained to help you navigate, can allow you to discover your purpose and provide concrete solutions to your greatest life issues.

Take a look at the brief test below to see if it might be time to begin counseling or therapy.


Answer “True” or “False” to complete each question:

I am generally content with my life._____

I am generally content with the way I feel about myself and my value as a person. _____

I am content with my relationship and/or romantic partner._____

I am content with my profession and/or job._____

I am content with my interactions and/or relationships with my children. _____

I am content with my interactions and/or relationships with my social circle/friends._____

I am content with my interactions and/or relationships with my family._____

I generally feel optimistic about my life._____

I usually have energy and rarely feel sluggish._____

I have the ability to stay present through all my activities at work and in my home life._____

I wake up feeling joyful and excited to begin the day._____

I still get pleasure from the things I used to enjoy._____

I lead a vital/active lifestyle. _____

I have no problems sleeping and wake feeling rested._____

I have a regular appetite and have experienced no changes in this area recently._____

I do not struggle with food issues of any kind._____

I neither eat too much or too little._____

I have not gained or lost a significant amount of weight lately._____

I do not use substances like alcohol or drugs to feel better when I am down._____

I do not take pills to soothe or energize me._____

I do not have thoughts about ending my life._____

I have never attempted to take my own life._____

I rarely experience swings of highs and lows in my mood._____

I rarely ruminate on the same topic for long periods. _____

I consider myself to be a joyful person._____

I do not get annoyed, agitated or angry easily._____

If you answered False to five or more questions, you could benefit from seeking therapy.