Some of my earliest memories stem from an all-encompassing fascination with “life issues”; how understanding clients pain and desires for crafting a life that truly matches their instincts, can solve these struggles of daily living. For me, the great appeal of psychotherapy lies in it's ability to give clients long lasting joy, fulfillment, better/more loving relationships, confidence and the alleviation of suffering.

Beginning my training at the University of California at Santa Barbara, I studied Sociology and began integrating my beliefs about the world with formal analyses and case studies. During the course of my attendance at UCSB, I became certified as a Peer Counselor and Student Health Services Relationships Peer.

After receiving my Bachelor’s degree, I went to work in the field of public relations (an excellent opportunity to observe the human process under stress!) Through my experiences in the wild world of PR, I was able to further develop a mental toolbox of coping mechanisms for life struggles.

Two years later, antsy and unfulfilled, I returned to the work that I was meant to do, as I pursued my Master’s degree in Clinical Psychology at Pepperdine University. While attending Pepperdine, I maintained two internships at both Valley Counseling and the Pepperdine Community Counseling Center. After graduation, I thrillingly moved into private practice, first in Tarzana, CA in 2003, then opening my second office in Beverly Hills, CA in 2006.

Soon after entering my practice, I grew frustrated by the narrow minded perspectives of some of my colleagues and made a conscious effort to build my practice on the principles of non-judgment, unconditional acceptance, personal excellence and professional acumen. I recognize that everyone brings their unique experiences, preferences, opinions and lifestyles to the table and I welcome the collaboration between my expertise and a client’s own sense of knowing.

While my approach is one of tremendous empathy, I am mindful that therapy is a commitment of time, money and energy, and clients want to feel better now; support is critical but so is action. From session one, I work to create a treatment plan based on the client(s) specific needs and offer concrete tools that they take home, work on and come back to session to retool and/or improve upon, so clients see real results even at the beginning of treatment.

I offer day and evening appointments and welcome client questions and feedback. As always, I remain committed to the growth of my specializations through continuing education, research and consultation.

Credentials / Affiliations


University of California at Santa Barbara

Bachelor of Arts in Sociology – with Honors
June 1998

Pepperdine University

Master of Arts in Clinical Psychology – with High Honors
Emphasis in Marriage Family Therapy
May 2003

Board of Behavioral Sciences

Licensed Marriage Family Therapist: #43239
June 2006


*CAMFT, member since March 2001
Psi Chi, the Psychology National Honors Society, member since January 2001
Divorce Transition Professionals, member since January, 2011




* California Association of Marriage Family Therapists